Terms of use

Jewelry should be removed if you perform the following actions:

  • cleaning up rooms, wash dishes or doing other housework;
  • take a shower or bath;
  • apply hand creams, ointments and other skin care products;
  • go to sleep;
  • visit a solarium, sauna and baths;
  • sunbathe, swim;
  • Others in cases of possible mechanical, thermal or chemical damage jewelry.


  • to wear puffed jewelry under tight clothing, to avoid distortion;
  • to carry heavy, bulky pendants with sticks and snakelike chains ;
  • to wear closely with other jewelry in order to avoid mechanical damage and scratches;
  • to clean jewelry with toothpaste, sand or other abrasive materials;
  • to allow cosmetic products (hair spray, perfume, etc.) get on jewelery;
  • to allow mechanical, chemical damage to products with a matt, oxidized surface or rhodium plated;

Wearing jewelry with gemstones and natural stones consider:

  • do not expose them to extreme changes in temperature, which can change stones color;
  • save them in closed boxes to avoid direct sunlight, as most jewelery stones by the influence of light loses its distinctive tone;
  • jewelry with pearls and coral must be cleaned only by jeweler, because the carrying and storage conditions on the pearl and coral longevity is limited. Such jewelry aging are accelerated by drying and mechanical damage, at the extreme changes in temperature they crack.